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About Us


 G&S Landscape Construction is a Montreal based Landscape contracting company.

We specialize in building stairs ,walls, driveways,walkways, patios and all other types of landscaping.

 We also perform foundation weather proofing, french drain installation, and offer storm water management solutions.

 We design and correct any problematic areas of your landsacape or drainage systems, to help you protect your investment from its greatest adversary...

 We have a variety of solutions for any property and we take pride in our work.

 Christopher, a father of one,(Gibb & Son) has been enjoying this type of work for 20 years, and started G&S Landscape Construction in 2003.


 Our team is small and efficient. We are usually 3-4 in numbers per job.

 For the last 12 years G&S has been designing and building beautiful, sustainable landscape solutions in the Montreal area and keeping our clients satisfied.

 Don't wait untill its too late, call us before there's a problem.

We can help you weather proof and beautify your property, and If you have an exsisting problem, we have the way out.

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