We offer a wide variety of stairs for the front of your home. We have different forms from traditional to the more decorative bullnose. We also overlay concrete, new and existing, with caps and step risers. This gives a more stone like, rustic feel.

  We start from the ground up, five feet below grade, to ensure that your footing will be  below the frost line, and to avoid any movement and potential cracking due to freeze/thaw cycles.

  If your footing is intact, but the concrete structure above grade is rotten, we can form and pour on your existing footing and help save with costs.

  For stuctures that are sound, but just plain ugly or worn out, we can perform what's called capping. We break down the steps, leaving only the slab of concrete, basically like a ramp, and form and pour on the existing structure.

  We can also cover your stairs with an overlay system or stone.

  Call us and we will be happy to assist you..


Below is an example of a new construction and footing that we built recently...

Our Concrete Stairs and Overlays

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